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Faranama is a technology Company, comprising experienced staff and a group of professionals, proudly provides a variety of web development, web design, cyber security, hosting, mobile app development and QA services and activities by enlisting of the latest scientific studies around the globe and the application of a rich engineering team. The boundless mission of this company is to give the best service you could possibly get anywhere in subjects such as graphic designing, web development, execution of minor and major technology related projects with utilization of up to date science and technology while creating distinct masterpieces, having in mind the client’s time and expense optimization. Our IT specializes in designing websites, apps, games, marketing materials and more by plotting ideas and concept simultaneously; our services includes:

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Cyber security
  • QA & testing
  • Graphic design
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile game development
  • Hosting
  • Digital marketing
  • Content providing
Faranama is a brand which puts its strategy on providing mobile application, web services and cooperating with other companies in outsource manner.

Working Studio

  • Unit 14, Arasteh Alley, Western Nazar St. Isfahan/Iran Zip Code: 81547-66815
    Tell: (+98) 31-36272225

Central Office

  • Unit 12, Tandis 2, Northern Golzar St. Isfahan/Iran Zip Code: 81547-66815
    Tell: (+98) 31-32724512–13

Roshd Branch

  • Specialized Development Center affiliated to Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, Sarlat St. Isfahan/Iran
    Tell: (+98) 31-32366150

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Tehran Office

(+98) 21-47620202

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(+98) 31-32724514