Welcomeland is a tourism platform based in Iran; our main goal is to providing interaction between locals and tourists to achieve cultural exchange. Welcomeland has some unique features that make it special like fair pricing system for booking accommodations; we even tried to socialize your trip by participating events, activities and much more. Even business owners are able to offer their services to the incoming travelers.


fotozilla is provider of stock photography from famous stock photo providers around the world, you can Search thousands of royalty free stock images, photos, vectors, and illustrations. Get inspired by 1000s of new, high-resolution stock images added daily from famous websites such as shutterstock, 123rf, adobestock and much more and buy them in few clicks.


Soomit is an internship platform forged to help interns and business owners/companies/artificers to connect with each other through a simple process, if you are a student or graduated and interested to have an internship course to obtaining skills and improve your abilities then you can use Soomit to find proper opportunities, if you represent a company/business you can publish your internship acceptance requests and manage them to find best interns suit your demand.


Car-now is a unique transportation platform with a creative idea which focus on the both sides of the transportation (drivers and employers) and give a chance to everyone to take benefit from it, for drivers it doesn’t matter if you have a car or not, as an employer you can hire driver for your own car or rent a car with desired driver, Car-Now is just not about ridesharing it’s about hire and getting hire for different kinds of purposes.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderlinepersonalitydisorder.ir is an informative website with a goal to spread information about BPD and help people who diagnosed with BPD and who have interactions with someone who has this disorder, site articles and papers are from updated and legitimate sources and website itself features a forum which users can discuss their experiences/problems and solutions in this regard there.


LiNFA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN main activities are the design of spaces custom tailored for man, with specific attention to the matter of integration between architecture and interior design. Such approach marked by both simplicity of lines or volumes, and attention to details.


Ms. Behrou Salamat Personal Branding - A website to introduce the activities and resume of a Korean language teacher and translator. Contains a blog for news and advertising, as well as contact forms and submission of cooperation requests.

Zahara Charity

Designing the website of Hazrat Zahra Charity Association to be used to inform the news and announcements of this association and to attract donations through forms of voluntary cooperations, financial support and cash donations, to serve Better to the needy covered by this charity.

Zhalan Cosmetics Store

Website design of Zhalan cosmetic store. This Internet shop is used to supply and sell cosmetic products to users in bulk or in retail. Special offers and discounts are provided for VIP users and major purchases in this online store. Precise control of expiration dates of products is also one of the key features of this Internet shop.