Faranama provide brands and startups with full suite of testing and feedback capabilities that fit seamlessly into your SDLC so you can test more, with better device coverage, even faster. Faranama is becoming an integral best practice for many companies and startups as it’s provides the scalability and coverage needed to test in today’s SDLC. Whether you’re looking to increase testing capacity and flexibility, greatly expand device coverage without additional costs, or get a true end-user perspective, Faranama is perfect fit. Your test team is custom assembled to match your specific requirements and target customer profiles. For us in Faranama, success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning and most of all love of what we are doing. We are proud of being a unique company, adhering to its values and serving its mission. We are committed to maintain an independent perspective, bring innovations in QA and testing practices to our clients and create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people. Testing has become an essential part of the success of every software project. Unfortunately most testing misses the critical business context, and instead focuses on obvious technical risks. Our testing capabilities cover the full software development lifecycle. We start testing at the early stages to reveal potential issues with the project documentation so that our customers can make sure the architecture and development quality are impeccable.